Ms. Shalini Nambiar
Deputy Director, GEMS Education

Ms. Shalini Nambiar is the Deputy Director of GEMS Education. Her unconventional vision and wisdom find roots in her attempt to break stereotypes that education is pinned down with. The outcome, she believes, is not knowledge but a stack of degrees that provide employment. And this is the domain where she has worked intensively moving ahead with the belief that education, when imparted in true spirit, has the power to change the world.

She has been awarded with the Best Day Boarding School' in Dec 2009, 'Bharat Jyoti' in May at Delhi, ''International Gold Star Award ' at Bangkok,'Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award' in Sep, 'Indira Gandhi Excellence Award', 'Excellence in Education award', 'Innovative Educator' Award by the Indian chamber of commerce and 'Mother Teresa Excellence Award 'and also the Bharat Shiksha Award 2012.