Indian Education Show 2013

Mr. Roy Newey
International Development Director, Pitman Training Group

Mr. Roy Newey, has set up and led a skills business in India that delivers vocational skills and employment in six states across the northern states of India. Mr. Roy has led international expansion from the UK into the EU, Middle East, Africa, India and Australia. He is currently working with policy makers in China, Zambia and Spain to address labour market challenges. He has also been invited to undertake consultancy projects for the governments of Algeria, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Zambia, India, Pakistan and Poland. Mr. Roy is an international thought leader and a sought after speaker on skills, employment issues, education and entrepreneurship. He has real passion for the role skills can play in alleviating poverty in India and was delighted to be invited to join the UKIBC board in 2009. From this base, he has led the inception of the UK India Skills Forum and brought together more than 700 UK skills.

He was invited to take on a non-executive directorship post with Pitman Training Group Ltd looking to enter the Indian Market. He has also taken a leadership role in advising companies – from land decontamination to hydroponics – on how to invest and form effective partnerships in India. He is also retained as a special advisor to the President of Zambia on skills and chair of the UK India Skills Forum.