Mr. Mahendra Bapna
Founder & CEO, University-21 (Higher Education)

Mr. Mahendra Bapna, former CEO of two Tata enterprises (is an Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow-2012 at Harvard University). His current consulting assignments include creating and establishing Blended B.Tech program at IIT Jodhpur along with Industry, and with a Tata enterprise to improve performance of Education Business. In 2013, he established Construction Project Management Program, built an Entrepreneurship and Innovation center at IIT Jodhpur and worked on a proposal to establish �Center for Innovation Studies (CIS)� for a state university. In February 2014, Mr. Bapna, along with leaders and renowned academicians from Harvard University, NYU and Arizona State University, launched a new initiative, University-21, a premier, global consulting organization. Mr. Bapna holds an Engineering degree from Jodhpur University, Rajasthan, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management from Jamna Lal Bajaj institute Mumbai. He follows Football and Formula1.