Awards Overview

Edupreneurs Guild-Honouring the Trailblazers

"Power of Winning is in Doing Great Things"

There are day dreamers and there are night dreamers, but on top of all there is a league of extraordinary people who action those dreams simultaneously while restlessly dedicating their lives to make Education a promising value proposition. The 9th Indian Education Awards is a distinguished gesture to honour those phenomenal people whose heart wrenching stories are etched inside every individuals mind across the regions, education segments or people they touched upon.

Harnessing the power of winning hearts has been the core vision behind Indian Education Awards 2019, which indeed is in sync with the physical state of any idea that has the remarkable bandwidth to unlock the change among the industry and across allied communities. For us it is indeed a pleasure to bring such unsung heroes to limelight every year consecutively. We would also like to thank our partners and sponsors who believed and equally share the pride with us to make the ceremony even more sparkling one.

Values | Beliefs | Motivations

Benefits of applying for the Awards

Indian Education Awards are the most prestigious awards that recognize excellence in education sector. Awardees will receive national recognition and will be termed as best education entities in the country. The winners will be awarded a trophy or a plaque. The award winners will receive extensive media coverage and PR with the partners. Such an achievement & recognition have, according to our Award recipients, translated into further success in the education business.

Nomination and Evaluation

  • Each applicant would be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form and send it to us by 2nd February, 2019
  • Only companies, firms or businesses registered and based in India can apply
  • Any organization/individual from education/allied sector can apply. Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories, except the ones which states 'Jury nomination'
  • Self- nomination forms should be sent along with the prescribed fee to Franchise India. The nominees in each category will be presented to the final jury for determination of winners
  • Information received will be treated confidential and not used for any purpose except for determining the winner of the awards
  • Incomplete questionnaire in any manner will disqualify a participant from participating in the awards
  • Right to permit participation is reserved with the Awards management.

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