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Indian Education Show 2012

Indian Education Show 2012

Awardee Speak

The next big leap in education can happen only if education is also looked at as an enterprise. We need best practices, scalable models and investment by organized players to achieve this. Once the education market gets consolidated then pan-India outreach can be achieved.
S. Chand's CEO Mr. Amit Gupta.

In India, the condition of primary education sector is quite good. There are plenty of options available. But the efficiency of the secondary education is very low. In the next 3-5 years we need double the number of secondary schools than we have now. There is an urgent need for increase in financing for senior secondary schools. Government alone cannot fulfill the needs. Hence there is a requirement for private funding.
Mr. Ashok Ganguly, Former Chairman, CBSE

The rate at which teachers join the profession is much lower than at which they leave. This can be changed only if it is acknowledged that teachers are the creators of knowledge. Managing the performance of teachers is not a small task. There are different kinds of management performance techniques and they should be applied according to the need of the hour. A teacher should be seen as someone who builds capacity. Therefore, it is vital to take into account the needs of the teachers and they should feel responsible rather than taking it as something that has been put as a burden on their head.
Mr. Ashish Rajpal, iDiscoveri

Presently, technology has penetrated only 5% of schools while 95% are still open. The day would not be far when school students would be carrying laptops and notebooks to classrooms. In the next couple of years, almost 15-20 million rupees would be spent on providing laptop and notebooks to school students. The introduction of 3G and Broadband will bring about a change in the landscape of education.
Mr. Shantanu Prakash, Educomp

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