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Indian Education Show 2012

Indian Education Show 2012

Awards Categories

Individual Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    Contribution in the highest degree, someone who participated in building a platform for educational upliftment of India
  • Policy maker of the year
    A decision-maker with progressive outlook in the wake of changing requirements of education sector
  • Most Impactful PPP initiative in Skill Development/Elementary Education/Adult Education
    Taking up the cause of channelising the execution to its optimum impact
  • Education Entrepreneur of the year / Edupreneur of the year
    Leading up with example & innovative business idea
  • Celebrity with Education as a Cause
    Someone who used his/her influence to bring a positive change to education

Service Providers Awards

  • Contribution in student Counselling
    Meeting the academic stress amongst students humanly and bring in soothing touch to wards
  • Architect / Design firm for the year
    Introducing new age cost effective designs, simplifying infrastructure
  • Best Education Sector Magazine
    Reflecting the need of all the stake holders
  • Best Education Webinar Series
    Successful webinar series for dissemination of knowledge
  • Best Infrastructure & Resources Provider
    Firms or entities from various sectors including infrastructure, legal , security , uniforms and others who have added significantly to an institution's growth
  • Best Innovative Learning Tools
    Introducing new age learning tools, that cater to the growing demand of learning aids, gadgets or software by institutes & students

Institutions Awards

  • Best innovative K-12 school
    Introducing technology and new concepts for better future, focus on humane growth along with academic enlightenment
  • Best Vocational Training institute
    Meeting up Skill requirements with real time modules & learning solutions, enabling employment
  • Best Private University
    Best academic delivery with desired infrastructure, best practices & working for the cause of education
  • Best NGO for excellent work in (Skill Development/Elementary Education/Adult Education)
    For taking the growth & upliftment to places where it matters most
  • Excellence in Distance Learning education
    Overcoming geographical challenges without diluting the quality
  • Most emerging Higher Education Institute of the year
    Emerging higher education institution lesser than 5 Years old in Medical/Engineering/Management field
  • Best Licensing Program in Education
    Brand extension to an education product/ service
  • Best Education company to work with
    Meeting up with employee and staff expectations
  • Best Social Movement / Awareness Program on Education
    Social campaign or awareness which has made a positive impact for uplifting underprivileged sections
  • Best Educational use of Social Media
    Best Use of social media platforms by an institution
  • Teaching Excellence
    Demonstrating the upgraded curriculum and teaching methodologies
  • Innovation in Early Learning / Child Development
    Best innovative model and support to early child education
  • Best Edutainment Program
    Best entertainment led education program
  • Governance (State/ Ministry/ Department)
    Regulator with an eye to the demand & solutions to changing India
  • Innovation in Learning
    Best innovative model in education
  • Emerging K-12 chain of the year
    For the most successful and recent K-12 school chain
  • Teaching Excellence - Higher education

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