Indian Education Show 2012

Mr. Vinod Raina, Member , Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE)

Mr. Vinod Raina was recently engaged in the advocacy work for Right in Education legislation and was a member of its drafting committee. He is a member of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE).

Mr. Raina did his doctorate in Physics from Delhi University and taught there for over a decade before leaving to serve school education directly. He worked voluntarily in rural schools of central India thereafter for quality improvement of school education, after founding the organisation, Eklavya.

Mr. Raina is a visiting Professor at the Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He worked as a Chief Editor for the book, The Dispossessed: Victims of Development in Asia. He is a member of the international Council, World Social Forum. He has received several accolades in the course of his career.

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